Healgen Synthetic Marijuana K2 Drug Test Dip Card - FUO - 25 Per Box

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Healgen Synthetic Marijuana K2 Drug Test Dip Card - BOXES OF 25 TESTS

Ships same day if by 3pm EST. Signature required delivery.

- Intended for Forensic Use Only (FUO)
- Purchase in bulk or small quantities to meet your specific volume needs
- Choose from dip pack sizes of: 25 dips.
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Drugs Tested:
K2 - Synthetic Marijuana 50 ng/ml

This single panel drug test dip is a lateral flow chromatographic Immunoassay for the qualitative detection of K2 synthetic marijuana metabolites in human urine.

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The Healgen K2 Urine Drug Test Dip is an advanced diagnostic tool designed to detect the presence of synthetic marijuana, also known as K2 or Spice, in urine samples. This test is equipped with a cut-off level of 50 ng/ml, ensuring high sensitivity and accuracy in detecting even low concentrations of synthetic cannabinoids.

Key features of the Healgen K2 Urine Drug Test Dip include: 

  • Rapid Results: The test provides results in just 5 minutes, making it an efficient option for quick screening. 

  • High Sensitivity: With a cut-off level of 50 ng/ml, this test can detect low levels of synthetic marijuana, ensuring reliable and accurate detection. 

  • Forensic Use Only: This test is intended strictly for forensic applications, ensuring it meets the stringent standards required for legal and investigative processes. 

  • Convenient Packaging: Each box contains 25 individual tests, providing a sufficient supply for continuous testing needs. 


The Healgen K2 Urine Drug Test Dip is a reliable and efficient tool for detecting synthetic marijuana use, offering fast and accurate results essential for forensic investigations. 

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