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Nesting Sample Cups

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  • Globe Scientific Nesting Sample Cups 5504 - Bag of 1,000
  • Globe Scientific Nesting Sample Cups 5505 - Bag of 1,000
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Globe Scientific Nesting Sample Cups

Polystyrene (PS)

Item # 5504 - 13mm x 30mm
Item # 5505 - 16mm x 30mm

Ships within 1-2 business days if ordered by 3pm EST.

- The expiration date is typically 11 months or longer of available shelf life
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The nesting sample cup is used when smaller sampling is necessary. It is used in conjunction with other test tubes or original blood collection tubes. To use, simply transfer the sample from the original collection tube into the nesting cup. Then, place the nesting cup inside the original collection tube. The nesting cup "rides" along with the originally labeled/barcoded tube in the analyzer. This procedure saves time by eliminating the need to re-label the smaller sample.

Nesting sample cups are an essential component of many analytical instruments and are widely used as consumables in various scientific and medical laboratories. These cups are specifically designed to hold and contain liquid or solid samples securely during analysis. They play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and reliable results in a wide range of laboratory procedures.

The primary purpose of nesting sample cups is to provide a standardized platform for sample preparation and analysis. These cups are typically made of high-quality materials such as polypropylene or polystyrene, which are chemically inert and compatible with a wide range of substances. This ensures that the cups do not introduce any contaminants or interfere with the samples being analyzed. Our Globe Scientific nesting samples cups are made of Polystyrene (PS).

One of the key advantages of nesting sample cups is their ability to stack or nest together. This feature allows for efficient storage, handling, and transportation of large quantities of cups. The nesting design enables multiple cups to be stacked together, minimizing storage space requirements and facilitating easy access when needed. This is particularly useful in laboratories where space optimization is essential.

Nesting sample cups come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different sample volumes and analytical techniques. They often have clear sidewalls, allowing for easy visual inspection of the samples without the need for opening or disturbing the cup. This transparency is particularly important when working with small volumes or visually assessing the sample characteristics.

To enhance versatility and compatibility, nesting sample cups are designed to fit seamlessly with the corresponding analytical instruments. They can be used with automated systems, robotic handling equipment, and other laboratory devices. The cups often feature standardized dimensions and geometries, ensuring proper alignment and positioning within the instrument for accurate and reproducible analysis.

Moreover, nesting sample cups are typically disposable, eliminating the need for extensive cleaning and decontamination procedures. After use, they can be conveniently discarded, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and saving valuable time in the laboratory workflow. Disposable cups also minimize the chances of sample carryover, ensuring the integrity of subsequent analyses.

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