ImmTox 270 Benchtop Toxicology Analyzer - Abbott

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  • ImmTox 270 Benchtop Toxicology Analyzer - Abbott
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ImmTox 270 Benchtop Toxicology Analyzer - Abbott
- The ImmTox™ 270 benchtop analyzer offers comprehensive toxicology screening solutions for physician offices, treatment centers and independent laboratories.

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Compact design with easy-to-use interface
Comprehensive test menu CLIA1 categorized as moderate complexity
Low cutoff concentrations
Fast results
High throughput
Walkaway operating functionality
Minimal maintenance

Features and Benefits:
270 dual reagent tests per hour
Reagent capacity: 24 assays
Onboard patient sample capacity: up to 30
Ideally sized for 200-1200 patient samples per month
Intuitive, touch-screen user interface
Bi-directional LIS communication
Fully traceable results and quality control data
Continuous access to samples without interruption of the testing process
Reusable cuvettes and wedges
Fast start-up
Strong technical support

LIS Communication Software Available:
Easy management of patient records
Flexibility to generate summary reports for patients and quality controls
EMR2 integration options
HL73 interface

Dimensions: 32”(W) x 27”(D) x 21”(H) – 38”(H) with open cover
Electrical: Standard 110V outlet
Self-contained analyzer:
- Water consumption: 3.8 liters
- External water or drainage connections not required
- Easy to install and operate

The ImmTox™ 270 Benchtop Toxicology Analyzer, developed by Abbott, is a compact and efficient solution designed for comprehensive toxicology screening. This analyzer is particularly suitable for use in physician offices, treatment centers, and independent laboratories. It stands out for its user-friendly design, featuring an easy-to-use interface and a compact form factor, which makes it a practical choice for various healthcare settings.

One of the key advantages of the ImmTox™ 270 is its comprehensive test menu, which is CLIA categorized as moderate complexity. It offers fast results and a high throughput with walkaway operating functionality, requiring minimal maintenance. The analyzer is capable of conducting 270 dual reagent tests per hour, supports up to 24 assays, and can handle up to 30 onboard patient samples at once, making it ideally sized for handling 200-1200 patient samples per month. The ImmTox™ 270 also boasts an intuitive touch-screen user interface and bi-directional LIS communication, ensuring fully traceable results and quality control data.

The device's specifications include dimensions of 32”(W) x 27”(D) x 21”(H) (38” with the cover open), and it operates on a standard 110V outlet. Notably, it has a self-contained design with a water consumption of 3.8 liters, requiring no external water or drainage connections, which simplifies installation and operation.

The ImmTox™ 270's test menu includes a wide range of substances, from common drugs of abuse to more specific analytes, divided into moderate and high complexity categories. For moderate complexity, it covers various drugs including amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids (THC), cocaine metabolites, opiates, and more, with specific cutoff levels for each substance. The high complexity menu includes tests for substances like carisoprodol, ethyl alcohol, ethyl glucuronide (EtG), ketamine, synthetic cannabinoids, and others, also with specified cutoff levels>

The ImmTox™ 270 is highly regarded for its ease of use, reliability, and value for money, with users praising its low maintenance requirements and dependable performance in laboratory settings.


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